Monday, June 15, 2009

Phil Jackson: A True Leader Wins Again

L.A. Lakers basketball coach Phil Jackson just led his current team to an NBA title. It will make the 10th NBA title for Jackson.

It's no wonder he's won 10 titles. You can tell he's a leader just by watching him on the sidelines. Unlike most coaches in the NBA, Jackson doesn't stand all game screaming at his players. He sits quietly, almost like he's at church. (He's a believer that yelling at someone in heat of a game will not improve his or her performance. Instead, he opts to talk about game situations and offer advice during halftime or timeouts when competitive emotions have settled down.)

Even the world's most coddled, self-centered athletes (basketball players) respect him because he treats them like human beings. (He even passes out books to players on road trips. Yes, Dennis Rodman actually read a few of them.) He gives his players responsibility and a say in game stratagies.

As leaders of our businesses, we can take away many lessons from Coach Jackson.

--Ron Ameln, SBM

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